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    A proper diet is of the utmost importance in maintaining tip-top health. Eating the right food supplies your body with the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to feel good.


    As a result, even your mouth and teeth become stronger when you have a good diet — they can repel infections which could otherwise cause problems doe the body. A balanced diet, coupled with a good oral health regimen will make sure that you develop strong pearly whites. Here are some food that help your teeth become stronger:


    food cheese good teeth

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    Cheese lovers rejoice! According to General Dentistry, the journal of the American Academy of General Dentistry, eating cheese raised the pH level in the subject’s mouths, and lowered the risk of tooth decay. This means that less bacteria can invade the mouth. Cheese is also rich in calcium and protein, nutrients that the tooth enamel needs.




    Yogurt is likewise high in calcium and protein — two essential nutrients for your teeth. The probiotics (good bacteria) in yogurt help fight the bacteria which can make you sick and weak. Remember to choose plain ones, and not flavored and sugared ones.


    Leafy Greens


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    No healthy food list would be complete without the ubiquitous leafy greens. Low in calories and full of vitamins, they’re the perfect dieting option for conscious ones. Folic acid, a type of Vitamin B, can possibly treat gum diseases.


    On the flip side, there are certain food that are dangerous for teeth. Avoiding or even just minimizing intake of the following items may help prevent your teeth from going bad.




    Source: Oral Health

    There’s always that one friend who chews on ice cubes. It’s made up of water after all, so it should be harmless, right? Wrong. Hard substances like ice cubes can stress your teeth and damage the enamel.




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    It’s no secret that acidic fruits are a good source of Vitamin C. Watch out, though, because the high acidic content is a significant player in the erosion of enamel. Make sure to drink plenty of water after snacking on oranges or enjoying your lemonade.




    Source: Animhut

    Fresh tea and coffee are excellent sources of antioxidants. However, a common mistake for those who want to take care of their teeth is that they add too much sugar to their drinks. Coffee and tea may also leave the mouth dry, which can be a cause of bacteria to breed. And as always, remember that coffee may cause stains on the teeth.


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