What are Orthodontic Braces?

For most people, a beautiful smile is the most obvious benefit of orthodontics and one that is proven to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem. Orthodontics involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental or facial irregularities. The technical term for these problems is Malocclusion which means bad bite.

What causes orthodontic problems?

While most Malocclusions are inherited some are acquired. Inherited dental problems includes overbite, crowding of the teeth, too much space between teeth and missing teeth just to a name of few.

Bad Bites can also be caused by skeletal growth problems. the most common being the under development of the lower jaw. Early treatment in these cases makes a big difference. Acquired problems can be caused by trauma, thumb sucking and premature loss of teeth.

How does orthodontic treatment work?

Teeth are moved into proper alignment by placing constant gentle forces in a careful controlled direction with an orthodontic appliance. Many new choices exists today besides traditional braces which are applied to the front of the teeth. There are now braces that can be attached to the back of the teeth.

Another way to move teeth is through clear orthodontic aligners. Straight teeth allow you to bite, chew and speak more effectively and maybe easier to clean leading to better oral health.

At what age is orthodontic treatment recommended?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children be evaluated no later than age 7. Early detection of orthodontic problems is important in order to take early corrective action and avoid more difficult treatment later. However, orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. In fact, adults represent 1 out of every 5 orthodontic patient today.

How long should treatment take?

Treatment time typically ranges from 1 to 3 years depending on the growth of a patients mouth and face and the severity of the problem. Early interceptive treatment for children as well as minor tooth movement for adults may take as little as 6 months. Once treatment is completed, retainers are often used to maintain the results and keep your smile beautiful.

What factors effect treatment costs?

The two major factors determining the cost are the complexity of the problem and the duration of the treatment.

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