What are the Top 5 Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Gum disease can threaten your teeth, and according to the US Center’s Disease Control about half of American adults have it in some form. Fortunately gum disease is easy to treat in its early stages. Do you have it? Here’s what to look for.

Number Five, bad breath or a bad taste. Bad breath or unpleasant taste could be caused by what you ate last night or they could result from gum disease. If this is a persistent problem, mention it on your next appointment.

Number four, tooth sensitivity or pain while chewing. Many things can cause tooth pain or sensitivity. An old filling, tooth decay even a cracked tooth or a root canal problem. Gum disease can also cause this unpleasant sensation.

Number three, gum recession. When you have gum recession, the healthy pink tissue surrounding the teeth begins to shrink or recede. This exposes more of the tooth structure and makes the teeth look longer.

Number two, redness and irritation of gums. Having red swollen or sore gums could result from brushing your teeth too vigorously or using a brush with hard bristles. But, if you’re using the right tools and techniques and still have these symptoms, gum disease may be the culprit.

Number one, bleeding when you brush. Despite of what you may think, bleeding when you brush is never a normal occurrence. If your gums regularly bleed after brushing, it’s usually an indication that gum disease is present.

If you have any of these symptoms let your dentist know. Make an appointment at Affinity Dental Clinics today! Remember, the earlier you treat gum disease, the better.

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