Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Once upon a time, unattractive and noticeable metal-based dental fillings such as amalgam(silver) and gold were widely used to treat a decayed tooth.  Today, tooth colored fillings that look, function and feel like part of your real tooth are available.

Tooth colored fillings are made of composite resin or porcelain. Composite resin is not only aesthetically superior but also better for your teeth.

Metal fillings requires your dentist to remove a greater portion of your teeth to create an undercut to lock the metal fillings to your tooth. Unlike metal fillings, tooth colored dental fillings do not require healthy portions of your teeth to be removed. In fact, tooth colored fillings physically attaches or bonds to your natural tooth structure. Composite resin can be applied directly to your teeth, sculpted and then hardened with a special light.

In terms of strength, metal fillings are very strong but they are also very stiff which can actually stress the teeth and make them more susceptible to cracking. On the other hand, tooth colored fillings are strong yet flexible. When you bite or chew they absorb and transfer the forces similar to natural teeth. They mimic your teeth not only in color but also in function.

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