Replacing missing teeth with Removable Dentures.

Having missing teeth either completely or partially can make you look older than you are. It also prevents you from eating and speaking properly. The good news is that you have several choices to replace your missing teeth.

The most affordable option to replace your missing teeth are removable dentures.  There are three types: full dentures, over-dentures, and partial dentures.

Complete or Full Denture

Full dentures are the cheapest option for people who have lost most or all of their teeth.  Having a full denture is better than having no teeth at all.  With a full denture, you regain a more youthful appearance as the denture fills the hollow space in your mouth and provide support to your facial tissues or muscles.  You will also be able to eat better and speak better.

Although it has its advantages, complete dentures would also have its disadvantages compared to other options to replace missing teeth.  Since a complete denture is removable, it can contribute to gradual bone loss over time due to the pressure they place on the underlying bony ridges.

Full dentures, specially the lower denture, can also be unstable. Since it is not fixed, it can be moved out of place by the tongue.


Over-dentures are complete dentures that are supported either by natural teeth or dental implants. Natural teeth and/or dental implants provide the dentures increased stability thereby giving you the confidence that your dentures will not slip and cause you embarrassment. They also help maintain bone volume by redistributing the pressure away from the bony ridges.

For the upper jaw or arch, you will need at least four dental implants to support the denture while for the lower denture, two dental implants will be sufficient.

Removable Partial Dentures (RPD)

If you only have a few missing teeth, removable partial dentures can be an option for you.  They are very stable since they are supported by natural teeth on either side of the false teeth.  A major disadvantage is that movements caused by removable partial dentures can cause the supporting real teeth to loosen slightly over time.

All three types of removable dentures are custom-made in a dental laboratory . An immediate denture is provided by your dentist while your final dentures are being manufactured in the laboratory.

Once you have your dentures, please note that proper care for your dentures is important.  Since your jawbone changes over time, your dentures should also be relined or adjusted by your dentist. At a minimum, you should see your dentist every six months for a checkup.

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