Preventing Cavities in Kids

When I was a kid, I had a real sweet tooth and a lot of cavities. It was no fun. I think my toothaches even made it harder for me to concentrate in school. I’m going to make sure that my kid doesn’t go through that. I’ve already talked to Danny’s dentist about what I can do to help prevent him from getting cavities.

Here’s the plan;

No kid can resist sweets all the time. But I’m going to make sure that Danny only has it at meal times. Snacking on sweets throughout the day would only help the bacteria that cause tooth decay. And since he still uses his sippy cup, I’m going to be real careful about what I put in it and when.

No soda ever. Even juices and milk contain sugars that can promote tooth decay if he sips them all day. Water is best between meals.

Our dentist showed me how to help Danny brush his teeth with a pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste in a soft child size brush. Danny likes doing it himself but I still need to make sure we clean every tooth. Okay big guy, now it’s your turn, don’t forget to spit.

Danny actually likes going to the dentist. I can take him two times every year from his first birthday. He gets fluoride treatment there to strengthen his teeth. In a few years, when his permanent molars grow, the dentist may want to put sealants on them to smooth out those little grooves that can trap bacteria and food particles. I sure wish I got sealant when I was a kid. I enjoyed Danny’s dental visits too. I like talking to the dentist about what’s going on in my son’s mouth and how to take care of his teeth. So far, Danny has no single cavity. Who says history always repeat itself? There are better ways to be like father like son.

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