Actor Michael Douglas on Oral Cancer

In a world where cancer is almost a daily part of the news, one cancer isn’t heard about enough. Oral cancers is increasing in the U.S., as in my own case, most people know little about them. Like many, I thought that this was a cancer that impacted much older people who would use tobacco most of their lives.

While that’s still a problem, the fastest growing segment of the people developing oral cancers, are young, non-smokers.

A very common virus, one responsible for the vast majority of cervical cancers is now identified as the cause of this rapid rise in oral cancers. Thankfully, in a fast, inexpensive and painless visual and tactual screening, a medical or dental professional can often identify early stage disease.

So please, the next time you visit your dentist or your medical doctor, ask for the simple screening. Finding oral cancer in their earlier stages, may save your life.

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