• Should you get oral body piercings?

    Should you get oral body piercings?

    As self-expression becomes increasingly prevalent and popular in today’s generation, body piercings have become a go-to way to express oneself.     However, body piercings are not without its own set of risks, specially for oral piercings which involve the tongue, lips, cheeks, or any combination of these. Mismanagement and mistreatment of these piercings couldRead more →

  • The Price of a Hollywood Smile

    The Price of a Hollywood Smile

    Let’s face it: we all want perfect teeth. The final hurdle for most, though, is knowing the exact cost of a complete treatment.   The most convenient and effective route to perfect teeth is through dental veneers, a porcelain-like material which is bonded to the visible part of the teeth.     How do veneersRead more →

  • Serious health problems your dentist can detect

    Serious health problems your dentist can detect

    While dentists may focus on the teeth, their diagnosis often signals other issues your body might face, because the mouth surprisingly holds several clues about other more serious and dangerous diseases.   Because of this, early detection and prevention is key to negate any further damage these illnesses can cause. Here are some of theRead more →

  • DIY dental trends: are they effective?

    DIY dental trends: are they effective?

      Everyone wants whiter teeth, but withdraws their interest at the mention of a fair charge for the service.       As a result, many netizens have shared their own tips and tricks to achieve whiter teeth without breaking the bank.However, the problem is that these whitening alternatives may not be as safe asRead more →

  • Teeth Whitening Aftercare

    Teeth Whitening Aftercare

    Whether your teeth was whitened by a professional in a clinic, by a special promotion of travelling dental caravans, or do-it-yourself treatment, proper care must be observed to preserve the glamour of those pearly whites.     Daily Maintenance   Teeth whitening is not an automatic pass to everlasting bright smiles. Proper care must be practicedRead more →

  • Cracked Tooth Syndrome

    Cracked Tooth Syndrome

    Cracked tooth syndrome is the instance when a tooth has a crack which is too small to be detected in X-Rays, or is hidden under the gum.   Simply put, cracked tooth syndrome occurs when a teeth has damage that is not detectable via normal methods. When you experience pain when you bite or chewRead more →

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